Jon Rowley Tribute in Forbes

May 20, 2024

The Pacific Northwest has a historic relationship with seafood. The same could be said of our relationship with the late Chef Jon Rowley.  

Jon Rowley was a long-time friend and advisor of the company, helping establish the oyster program at Water Grill. Since day one at Water Grill Bellevue, the private dining room has been named in his honor.

The Jon Rowley Room in Water Grill Bellevue

This homage was featured in a recent article by Forbes Magazine, which spoke about tributes to late seafood legends in Seattle. Read the full article here!

The King Has Returned: Wild Columbia River King Salmon Season Is Here!

May 8, 2024

With Wild Columbia River King Salmon, it's not about the destination; it's about the journey: a 1,243-mile trek, that is.

The Columbia River runs over 1,200 miles, from Canada through Washington, Oregon and to the Pacific Ocean. It's from here that the Wild Columbia River King Salmon makes its trek - returning from the salt water to the fresh waters of its birth.

Wild Columbia River King Salmon, also known as “Chinook” Salmon, is admired for its marbling, which comes from the fat reserves it builds as the fish travels up one of the longest rivers in North America. The Columbia River starts in the freshwaters of the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada, and carves its way through Washington and the northern part of Oregon before making it to the Pacific Ocean.

NOAA Columbia River from Harrington Point to Crims Island Map

Since this river passes through multiple states, it creates a unique collaboration when it comes to fishery management. Both Washington and Oregon have a seat at the table when it comes to determining quotas and fishery openings, with the season typically running from May to October.

This isn’t your average river fish. King Salmon are anadromous – meaning they’re born in freshwater before making a migration to the saltwater oceans, where they spend their lives until it's time to spawn again. That’s when they return to the freshwaters of their birth, journeying back up the Columbia River.

King Salmon is the largest of the Pacific Salmon, averaging 15 to 20 pounds. Those fat reserves lead to a rounder mid-section and the highest fat content of all Pacific Salmon.

Wild Columbia River King Salmon at Water Grill

At Water Grill, we serve Wild Columbia River King Salmon grilled with heirloom carrots and vadouvan curry butter. Hungry for more? Check out our daily menus and grab a reservation.